Well, where should we start? 

What this article covers is only the very tip of the iceberg in regards to why, especially in today’s fast-paced, connected lifestyle, your business’s online presence; the look, feel, functionality, reach and visibility of your website to its target audience, is equally as important as the quality of the product or service the business provides. 

We’d go so far as to say that for most, if not all industries, professional, visually appealing, fast, easy to use, and SEO/keyword optimised online promotion, at the very least, will garner success and growth through increased web traffic, product/service awareness and public perception. 

In fact, there’s nothing quite like a stunning, well-designed, professional website to show the world how serious you are about what you do. On the other hand, a poorly designed, busy, confusing, and dysfunctional website could have the very opposite effect. 

If you haven’t quite reached your success goals just yet, a great website will certainly help you get there! Here’s how:

Your website is a window into your business

Increasingly, with a growing number of everyday transactions and interactions being completed online, many businesses ie. e-Commerce (online stores), services & sole traders, are able to take advantage of not needing a brick and mortar store or office to operate from. 

‘High-traffic exposure’ no longer refers to just the on-foot or car traffic passing by the sign on your shop or office window. The beauty of building an online presence is that you can get as much exposure for your business as you like. Your website truly is a window into your business –  no matter where in the world it is. 

Having a professional website gives potential customers an insight into the services you offer

This is where you can showcase your unique range of products, services, your areas of expertise, and tell your customer a little about your story and who you are as people. It’s also where you can talk in detail about the topics you are most knowledgeable about. 

Some businesses do not have any visibility online and rely on word of mouth

While it’s admirable and shows you are doing a lot of things right, a business relying on ‘word-of-mouth’ alone pertains certain risk. A basic website gives potential clients a point of reference for you. It shows that you are a legitimate business and it adds another element to how people can find and contact you.

Have the ability to promote your business on social media and to capture leads or sales

It may surprise you that social media is now responsible for a large portion of sales, bookings and transactions worldwide. Yesterday, for example, I booked a hair appointment through Instagram, and today, I purchased a 3 class reformer pilates trial and a beautiful hand-loomed floor rug through Facebook! 

You’d be surprised at how many items you’ve purchased or companies you’ve dealt with that you first saw on social media.

A great website gives you the ability to tap into this enormous market and capture more new leads and sales by promoting your business on social media platforms. In turn, you’re directing your potential customers to a website that you are proud to show off. 

Online tools can streamline the way you do business

Until recently, businesses that didn’t really require an online or social presence to support growth like hairdressers, healthcare providers, repairers or trades, are seeing maximum benefits from using online forms and booking tools to organise, cancel or change appointments, and send automated SMS/email reminders to upcoming appointments. 

Essentially, these tools save businesses like yours a lot of time, money, and maximises your earning potential each day by ensuring paying clients are most likely to attend the time you’ve blocked out for them. 

One hairstylist claims that moving to an online booking system has saved her around 15-20 hours each week in scheduling, changing and confirming appointments, and her lost income opportunities through missed appointments have almost diminished. 

For just about every need your business has, there is an online tool or form that can assist and help you capture new leads and sales in the process.

Here’s how Social Web Works can help you open up your potential…. 

Complete Web Design 

Social Web Works caters a tailored service to businesses of all sizes, needs and requirements. Whether it’s a simple landing page to grow your database, a basic or advanced website, or you’re improving the user experience of your e-commerce web-store.

And our service doesn’t end there. Even after you’re up and running, we’re checking in behind the scenes, running maintenance and making sure everything is running smoothly.

SEO (keyword) Optimisation & Auditing

In today’s hyper-connected, highly competitive world, it’s crucial that you’re able to reach your target audience quickly and effectively. 

Statistics show that the first page of search results receives 95% of all web traffic and that 75% of people never look beyond the first page. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help your business land on the front page of search results, capturing up to 95% more traffic than those trailing behind on subsequent pages.

Again, part of our service is running regular SEO audits to ensure your site is always optimised to reach your customer.

Managed Hosting (Australia)

We are a full-service, locally owned and operated web design and hosting company with an ABN and real examples of recently completed work and very happy customers.  

Most technical issues can be solved within a single phone call. 

Technical benefits:

  • Daily Backups
  • Unlimited Support 
  • Unlimited Maintenance

Unlimited Stock Image

As a valued Social Web Works client, we offer you a range of exclusive benefits including access to unlimited stock images to use on your website, your digital or print marketing and across social media platforms – which all rely heavily on visual engagement 

Blogging Functionality

Going hand in hand with SEO, Google is more likely to bring your website to the front page of search results if it sees you as the expert of your field. This means seeing regular content being added into your page and consistent use of the keywords being used to find businesses like yours. 

This is where the blog functionality of your site and simply talking about the thing you’re passionate about – your work – can give you a huge boost up the search rankings and have you coming out on top.  

Social Web Works | Web Design Orange NSW | Additional services

Graphic Design

Because first impressions do count and although looks aren’t everything, visual appeal reinforces credibility, communicates your message and turns prospects into profits.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world with the ability to communicate with any target audience. The challenges a lot of businesses face are the ability to develop, maintain and grow these channels beyond their own friend list, and not knowing how to engage with their audience in order to promote a response.


You can’t sell a secret. If you ignore online marketing, it’s like starting a business and not telling anyone about it. Social Web Works builds a tailored marketing plan, creates great content and schedules it across multiple online, digital and social platforms. 


In today’s hyper-connected, highly competitive world, it’s crucial that you’re able to reach your target audience. Statistics show that the first page of search results receives 95% of all website traffic. Furthermore, 75% of all people never look past the first page. 

This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. If done right, SEO can help your business land on the front page of search results, capturing up to 95% more web traffic than those on subsequent pages.


Communicating the right message to your market is crucial. Copywriting is the act of creating a set of words that will move people to complete a certain action or buy a certain product. 

Great websites generate sales and growth when both the design and the copywriting elements work well together – and that’s an area where we excel.


When you’re presenting or reinventing yourself to the online world with a professional, SEO optimised website that is guaranteed to get your products and services noticed, it should be accompanied by fresh professional imagery that presents you and your business in the best light, while keeping in with the tone of your new website, too. 

Talk to us today about your business’ digital marketing needs or request an estimate via our website.