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Origin Chocolate

Creative, dependable e-commerce web design

If you haven’t already heard of them, Origin Chocolate is a ‘bean to bar’ chocolate manufacturer based in Orange, NSW. This dynamic company is rapidly making a name for itself for certified organic, premium chocolate – made only from the finest, ethical, globally sourced cacao beans. Origin Chocolate approached us to create an alluring, user-friendly and completely secure e-commerce web design to convey the luscious, sustainable appeal of their product. They also needed continuing IT support.

Comprehensive web development and marketing

Social Web Works successfully created and delivered all aspects of Origin Chocolate’s online presence and branding, from their brand new website through to marketing materials, branding awareness campaigns and social media strategies. We:

  • Designed them a beautiful new e-commerce website
  • Photographed and edited all their product photos for the site
  • Implemented their monthly subscription Chocolate Concierge, to supply clients with selections of premium chocolate
  • Helped set up a booking system for their Master Classes
  • Helped them design their Tasting Wheel and Tasting Notes kit
  • Designed two labels for their Chocolate Thins product
  • Helped them with Facebook marketing, setting up brand awareness campaigns
  • Assisted with their Google AdWords campaigns

Rock solid security

As an efficient, customer friendly e-commerce site, Origin Chocolate takes their security very seriously. Part of our brief was to ensure that their customer transactions are kept 100% safe. So Social Web Works implemented two layers of security for them:

  • An SSL certificate which encrypts the traffic between the customer and the server
  • A Sucuri Firewall – an innovative cloud-based Website Application Firewall (WAF) and Intrusion Prevention System for protecting websites. It functions as a reverse proxy by intercepting and inspecting all incoming HTTP/HTTPS requests to the website, stripping them of any malicious requests before they arrive safely at the server.

Convenient website maintenance package

Origin Chocolate is delighted with their monthly subscription plan with Social Web Works. This means that they didn’t have to pay a large sum on delivery, plus they have all the website support they need. We supply them with:

  • 5 email accounts
  • Website hosting on a dedicated server with managed hosting
  • Support, maintenance and backups
  • 2 comprehensive SEO reviews a year

In fact various members of their team have mentioned that our friendly, efficient service is almost like having their own topline IT department!

Outstanding service – wherever you are

Origin Chocolate just happens to be based in our hometown of Orange. But if they’d been based in Bathurst, Sydney, Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia they would have received equally successful outcomes. So no matter where you’re situated, get in touch with Social Web Works today and find out what a huge difference we can make to your online and marketing success.

What a fantastic place Social Web Works is! As a business owner having an online e-commerce presence is essential. Social Web Works built a site that is extremely functional, flexible and, most importantly, SECURE. My customers can rest assured that all their details are secured through 3 different levels of security. The service that Social Web Works provides is outstanding.’ – Matt, Owner, Origin Chocolate

We took product photos of most of their entire product range.
‘Clinton’s professional approach is so reassuring … I know that the site he built is trusted, tested and WORKS – outstanding result !!’Matt, Owner, Origin Chocolate
Origin Chocolate