For small business owners, shelling out thousands of dollars upfront for any sort of professional website and digital marketing campaign can be extremely daunting, at best. 

Especially those in the start-up, self-employed or micro-business sector, getting your hands on the sort of upfront investment a great website demands is usually not an option – not even in your wildest dreams!

You may have spoken to a web designer once upon a time, only to choke on the price they gave you and then briefly contemplated faking your own death in order to save face…

We get it. When you only have yourself to rely on, making any sort of investment when there’s no crystal ball to gauge the exact return you’ll get back is a major gamble. 

At least when you try on and pay $300 for a dress, you know you’re getting a great-fitting, $300 dress.

However, it’s a catch 22 because, in today’s connected modern world, you can’t really expect your business to survive – much less thrive – without an online anchor. 

With that in mind, Social Web Works offers comprehensive, excellent value subscription-based digital marketing services with on-going support, maintenance, hosting and development at just a fraction of the cost you’d usually pay a designer up front (so you’ll never have to fake your own death again!).

Here’s why our clients think our subscription services are the perfect match for them.

Typically, web designers charge thousands for a website, but then you’re on your own.

The problem with normal web designers is that they charge an arm and a leg for a website alone – and then they disappear, leaving you with no way of managing it to where it’s actually being seen by your audience and turning into real conversions for you. 

But without the ongoing support, maintenance, SEO monitoring and regular new content to make it beneficial for you, it’s not just unaffordable for small businesses, it’s also pointless.  

There’s little benefit of a fancy looking website if it’s lost on page 7 of Google search results where no one is ever going to see it! You’d be better off saving your money.

You get a website, you get a website, everybody gets a professional website!

We’re a small business ourselves and we’re passionate about supporting small business in any way we can. 

With our subscription-based web packages, we get to feel just a little of the glory we imagine Oprah felt when she gave away cars to her entire audience. Sure, they had to pay a little bit, but so do you!

You get a very professional website but rather than charging you thousands of dollars for it upfront, we bundle all essential services into an affordable monthly fee, and then continually work on developing it, adding great new content, and monitoring its performance to get it ranking at the top of search results.

What we get a real kick out of is when this increased web traffic, activity and online engagement turns into new inquiry, increased sales and success for you. 

Put your money away

Besides our expertise, professionalism, skill and in-depth knowledge on the topic of all things digital, it’s a great relief to our clients that they can have a highly professional website with all the support they need – without the great upfront cost that comes with it.

It’s like having your own IT/Marketing team. 

For us, it’s in our best interest to stay involved and in touch to ensure our clients are satisfied with the solution. 

As strange as it sounds, your website is kinda like our baby… 

We want to nurture it, look after it and continually enrich it – then watch on adoringly as it performs well, grows and improves immeasurably over time. Ranking at the top of its class, becoming that one that has all the answers! The one that everyone turns to when they need help…

On that note, if your cyber baby is keeping you up at night and you’d prefer to hand it over and get back to business, talk to us about how our monthly subscription plans can help you in 2020 and beyond.