Remember when businesses would ‘blanket’ drop flyers into an entire suburb’s letterboxes in the hope that, for someone, the service being offered was the exact one they’d need at that very moment?

They’d call, cashed up and ready to rock ‘n’ roll… What are the odds?

You wouldn’t be surprised that the success rate of letterbox marketing is, and has always been, extremely poor. It’s also quite expensive considering the time and expense of designing, printing and delivering.

There are other methods of prospecting new leads that are equally as ineffective, unwelcome and outdated, like cold calling complete strangers and door-knocking at random homes. It seems like a lot of wasted time and effort for very little result.

Digital marketing, however, offers a lot of bang-for-buck and greater ROI (return on investment). Here’s how:

Digital marketing captures leads in the opposite way of traditional marketing methods. 

You may have noticed after browsing particular products, shops, brands or services online, there are suddenly advertisements of similar products or services splashed everywhere. Your email, social feeds and weaved into the various pages you visit.

After having a conversation where you’ve briefly mentioned private healthcare and a great Target lampshade, the next two digital ads you see advertise private health cover and a Target lighting sale. Sheer coincidence? Nope.

Where traditional advertising methods are like throwing the line out and hoping that a fish will bite, digital marketing has a whole school of fish swimming to you of their own free will. It puts you (your ads) in front of people already seeking the services or products you offer. 

Digital marketing works off browsing data and consumer behaviours, so it’s like people are putting a notice up saying: ‘yes, please, your services are welcome here’ – you’re not wasting your efforts on consumers that are never going to convert.

Now that’s clever marketing. 

Digital marketing builds brand awareness

Some forms of digital marketing are not just used to generate sales but to build brand awareness. By clearly specifying the audience to put your brand in front of, we have the best chance of achieving both sales and brand awareness through social media platforms or Google Ads.

Pay Per Click Google Ads build instant brand awareness by putting you at the very top of results when searchers use the keywords you’re paying to rank for. This is great for new businesses wanting instant web traffic and inquiry, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

However, as soon as you stop paying, you’ll find your web traffic and inquiry dies down significantly, so we always recommend organic SEO methods over time to remain visible to your target audience.

Digital marketing provides an opportunity to spread information to very specific audiences and drive buyer behaviour

Successful marketing campaigns start with an in-depth understanding of your customer and their unique buying behaviour. Having this knowledge helps you reach your customers through the right channels at the right time, target them with the right messages, and ultimately, influence their buying decisions.

Re-target curious buyers with reminders

Provide reminders to curious buyers who have previously shown interest in your products by visiting your website, putting something in their shopping cart without checking out, or liking or saving something you posted on Facebook.

Use repetition to improve sales 

One of the golden rules you learn working in sales is the psychology behind it. Good salespeople know that you’ll usually have to ask the client or consumer a question 3 times to receive the answer you want. The same rule can apply in online marketing, too. We use repetition to increase conversions

Provide multiple purchase pathways 

Google is a research tool where people are actively SEARCHING for your products and services.

Facebook is a very powerful WORD OF MOUTH service. Users share your services and products with their ‘community’ and the people they know are interested in your services or products. 


Social Web Works can help you set up, manage and optimise your marketing campaigns on a weekly basis.

We track conversions so you can see how you’re progressing each week, and calculate your ROI based on the number of sales, telephone calls, form fills, inquiry, comments, messages, and web traffic that is a direct result of your additional marketing efforts.

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